Featured Expert Paul Casey

Who Is Paul Casey? Paul D. Casey has been a professional speaker in 7 states for over 20 years (now giving over 30 presentations per year), and he is one of the leading authorities in leadership and personal growth, and is the recipient of the 2014 Best of Richland Award for Business Development Service. He has spoken for organizations like…

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Featured Expert Nick Gianoulis

Who Is Nick Gianoulis (a.k.a Godfather of Fun)? Before reigning over The Fun Dept. family, Nick Gianoulis learned the value of fun at a large, multimillion-dollar company that was big on a “work hard, play hard” philosophy. He brings his rich experience in sales management and operations to what he readily proclaims is his dream job—building the best possible team…

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Featured Expert Luci McMonagle

Who Is Luci McMonagle? Luci McMonagle is an Intuitive Abundance Success Coach educating others on how to create more wealth and money. Luci loves working with ambitious, conscious professional women that desire to make an impact on the world. Luci believes that creating a synergy of wealth will change this entire world for the better with honor and integrity. When…

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Featured Expert Denis Roberts

Who is Denis Roberts? Organizational Psychologist, Consultant, Counselor, Strategic Mentor, Founder of ‘The Networking Firm’ Virtual Organization Design Consultancy; and CEO of Menta Coaching. Now Expert in using virtual organization in the support and development of creativity and learning Denis first became involved in this when conducting research as an organizational psychologist, where he examined the genesis of both, creativity…

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Featured Expert Michael Steele

Who Is Michael Steele? Reverend Michael A. Steele is a Minister of Religion and humanitarian who was ordained in February 2007 by  Bishop Troy Miller of Potter’s House International in Wildwood, Florida, United States. Reverend Steele has been a devoted Christian for over 30 years having been a baptized member of the People’s Cathedral Church, Barbados under the leadership of…

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Featured Expert Rob Kosberg

Who Is Rob Kosberg? Rob Kosberg is a bestselling author and founder of Best Seller Publishing. He has guided thousands of authors through the process of publishing, promoting and profiting from their own books, launching them to a life of independence, generous income, and meaningful impact. How To Connect With Rob Kosberg Visit www.bestsellerpublishing.org or call (626) 765-9450