Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Priorities Done Every Day

So many of us stay busy all day, but end up at night saying, “What did I get done today?” Activity doesn’t necessarily mean productivity. Wouldn’t it be great to have and work a plan that manages your time so well that you get your most important tasks done every day?

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Featured Expert Paul Casey

Who Is Paul Casey? Paul D. Casey has been a professional speaker in 7 states for over 20 years (now giving over 30 presentations per year), and he is one of the leading authorities in leadership and personal growth, and is the recipient of the 2014 Best of Richland Award for Business Development Service. He has spoken for organizations like…

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Playing it Forward Because FUN is Good for Employees, Customers and The Bottom Line

Are you curious how companies like Google, Zappos, Southwest and others develop their winning workplace cultures, with such high productivity and profitability? Regardless of the industry, there is a common thread running through the highest performing companies: they all have a culture of fun. Among companies denoted as “great” in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” a whopping 81% of employees say they work in a “fun” environment.

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Featured Expert Nick Gianoulis

Who Is Nick Gianoulis (a.k.a Godfather of Fun)? Before reigning over The Fun Dept. family, Nick Gianoulis learned the value of fun at a large, multimillion-dollar company that was big on a “work hard, play hard” philosophy. He brings his rich experience in sales management and operations to what he readily proclaims is his dream job—building the best possible team…

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Increase your income by dissolving your fears – 3 things you need to know!

Today we’ll tell you how to increase your income by dissolving your fears. And we’re going to tell you three critical steps you need to know if you want to feel valued and appreciated. Knowledge is the key and you’ll learn the 3 things to avoid being frustrated, devalued and unappreciated.

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Featured Expert Luci McMonagle

Who Is Luci McMonagle? Luci McMonagle is an Intuitive Abundance Success Coach educating others on how to create more wealth and money. Luci loves working with ambitious, conscious professional women that desire to make an impact on the world. Luci believes that creating a synergy of wealth will change this entire world for the better with honor and integrity. When…

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